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Canada-U.S. Infrastructure Council

Both Canada and the United States have substantial infrastructure gaps that hinder economic development and impact people’s quality of life. Governments at all levels in both countries are looking for ways to improve the quality of infrastructure with major funding commitments promised.

There are many examples of innovative approaches and policies that are currently in use throughout the life cycle of infrastructure that can be adapted and used to drive more value. To identify best practices, the U.S. Consulate in Toronto worked with the Infrastructure Lab and Canadian and American companies operating across North America to launch the Canada-US Infrastructure Council (CUSIC).

The Council’s mandate is to promote bilateral dialogue, cross-border collaboration and share best practices. The foundation for this work was to examine how states and provinces approach their infrastructure planning which was the focus of a working group.

Building Infrastructure Pipelines

Group members worked to determine how governments determined how and where to spend infrastructure dollars. Transparent project pipelines developed by a combination of evidence and expertise help reduce the risk of projects being cancelled. This gives companies confidence to invest in skills and new equipment, and saves public money. As part of its research efforts, this stream explores the approach international jurisdictions at the national and state and provincial levels take to establish project pipelines, with the goal of identifying best practices and replicating the model in Canada/US.

Chairs: Karen Freund, Jacobs; Damian Joy, EY

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If you are interested in being involved in the Canada-U.S. Infrastructure Forum please contact John Allen at jallen@globalpublic.com.

CUSIC Members

The Canada-US Infrastructure Advisory Council is an initiative of the US Consulate in Toronto.