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The Infrastructure Exchange

The Infrastructure Exchange is a dialogue series hosted by the Infrastructure Lab to allow for thought leadership and the sharing of best practices across different global jurisdictions. It brings together both the public and private sectors to share experiences within Canada, and around the world. This aims to present solutions to unlock greater value from infrastructure and solve economic, social and environmental challenges.

Canada-US Infrastructure Council

The Council’s mandate is to promote bilateral dialogue, cross-border collaboration and share best practices. The foundation for this work was to examine how states and provinces approach their infrastructure planning which was the focus of a working group.




Canada-U.K. Cities to Net Zero

Designing Cities to Reduce Emissions Cities around the world are responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions and are significantly impacted by…

Infrastructure Governance

Across Canada there are unprecedented levels of investment in infrastructure. These investments will shape Canada’s long-term success in terms of economic growth,…

Canada-U.K. Transit to Net Zero

Designing Systems to Attract Ridership As towns and cities in the UK and Canada continue to grow, transit will play an increasingly…

Canada-U.K. Infrastructure & Net Zero

Lifecycle Planning & Procurement Canada and the UK have both set out a legally binding commitment that requires both countries to reach…

Canada-U.S Electrification

9 Takeaways From The Road to Transit Electrification Across North America, transit agencies are updating their fleets with low and zero emission…

Unlocking Value in Infrastructure

Across Canada billions of dollars have been committed to infrastructure projects by different levels of government. In addition to ambitious plans to…