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Recommendations for COVID-19 Recovery in Infrastructure

written by Chris Webster May 8, 2020

The health and safety of employees is the overriding priority for companies in the infrastructure sector and member companies of the Future of Infrastructure Group. We are working hard to protect our employees and subcontractors by ensuring that sites meet the most stringent requirements on social distancing and hygiene wherever sites are located. We also recognize the important role infrastructure will play in the economic recovery.

The Future of Infrastructure Group brings together leading infrastructure companies in Canada to provide a positive, collaborative, and coherent voice for the sector across Canada. Our goal is to work together with governments identify and help solve common challenges and raise overall standards. Together we developed a set of recommendations on steps that could be taken to limit the damage of this pandemic in the near term, and help the sector recover and strengthen in the long run.

For full short-term recommendations, click here.

For full medium to long-term recommendations, click here.

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