Getting to Transit Oriented Communities

Published April 5, 2023

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Building a Legacy in Brampton

The Future of Infrastructure Group (FIG) and ULI Toronto focused on the TOC project in progress at the Shoppers World Mall and parking lot at Hurontario and Steeles in Brampton – the northernmost point of the new Hurontario Light Rail line coming north from Port Credit. FIG and ULI brought together leading experts from the developer and infrastructure communities and public sector to host workshops around themes critical to the success of transit-oriented communities, and to develop recommendations.


The analysis showed that building successful transit-oriented communities requires a balance between density, diversity and design. These municipalities must become destinations themselves, mixing housing with employment, public services and local retail, parks, restaurants and other amenities, wrapped together with local character.

This report explores the different approaches Brampton has taken to help the different stakeholders work together to deliver a successful and vibrant transit-oriented community, documenting emerging best practices and the challenges that remain.

“The benefits of transit-oriented communities are well defined. The challenge is to develop an environment where different levels of government, landowners and developers can work together to deliver a community that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.”

Read more about this initiative on ULI’s Toronto page.

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