Our Role

The Infrastructure Lab provides a platform for the infrastructure community and engaged stakeholders to share their innovative approaches to infrastructure’s most complex and everyday challenges. The Infrastructure Lab partners with other organizations to explore the root causes of the challenges Canada faces, and works to identify and promote clear and actionable solutions.

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These challenges are rarely one dimensional. We engage all stakeholders and facets of these issues to ensure that we fully understand the nature of the challenges posed and that the associated solutions are actionable in the real world and in the local context. This can involve a combination of:

  • Conducting Research – Examining the issues through interviews, surveys, benchmarking and/or data analysis to add fresh perspectives, seek greater understanding, and map out steps to deliver solutions.
  • Dialogue and Conversation – Bringing together experts from across Canada and around the world to discuss some of Canada’s main infrastructure challenges and explore innovative solutions in a collaborative setting through purpose built events.
  • Profiling Innovation – Good ideas and solutions abound and are in use around the world in infrastructure delivery and operations. The Infrastructure Lab drills down on some of the interesting ways organizations, governments and stakeholders are solving infrastructure challenges already.