Getting to Transit Oriented Communities

With historic investments in transit across Canada, there is an opportunity to leverage the value being created into transforming communities and providing a lasting benefit to all.

Image by: Eric Buermeyer


Designing Cities to Reduce Emissions

Cities around the world are responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions and are significantly impacted by the effects of climate change. The additional infrastructure costs for climate change mitigation and adaptation are anticipated to continue to rise as towns and cities continue to grapple with the impacts.


Learning from New South Wales

The New South Wales Government developed a ten-point commitment to the construction sector in 2018 to strengthen the relationship between government and private sector to drive better project outcomes. This provides a template to transform the relationships between governments and the private sector.

About Us

The Infrastructure Lab brings together organizations, businesses, government and academia to discuss, debate and ultimately deliver solutions for Canada’s infrastructure challenges. With Canada making unprecedented investments in infrastructure, our goal is to promote constructive dialogue. From this we aim to find effective business and public policy solutions, and help drive the most value for communities, governments, and infrastructure proponents and providers.

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