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Chair, Sabrina Karim, Kiewit

Canada has an opportunity to further enhance its credentials as a global centre of excellence of innovation in infrastructure. By developing a system that enables innovation, it would see greater value for investment, and the opportunity to develop better products and services in the province to export around the world. This working group aims to help explore different approaches to enabling innovation in projects with a focus on procurement. end-user experience, resolve issues around municipal development, and examine what financing packages look like for TOD.


Better end products and services

Innovation delivers benefits to the public who are the ultimate end users of public services.

Better value

Innovations in design, construction, or using different materials and technologies can lead to significant long-term cost savings, creating better value for taxpayers and communities.

Increase economic growth

Governments can act as a first buyer, demonstrating proof of concept leading to significant demand, and creating local jobs.

Solve societal challenges

Procurement is often used by governments to solve challenges like mitigating the impacts of climate change, reducing environmental impacts, or providing sustainable public services.


Building Success: Implementing Effective Buy Clean Policies

Public infrastructure is responsible for eight million tonnes of embodied emissions annually, presenting a significant opportunity to reduce emissions and prepare the industrial and construction sectors for a net-zero future. The Buy Clean Industry Alliance and the Future of Infrastructure Group engaged stakeholders to provide insights and recommendations on a path forward.

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Innovation in Procurement

Innovation in infrastructure projects can take place at any stage, but there are several factors that can hold it back. To overcome these barriers there must be a strong culture to encourage innovation, and effective processes and policies in place to enable it.