Image by: Elena Berd


Chair, Catherine Jones, Plenary Group

To encourage private participation in infrastructure there are some key steps governments can take. These largely relate to measures that provide greater transparency, clarity, and certainty in projects across the sector.


Generate revenue opportunity

The private sector can help add value by increasing revenue opportunities to finance new infrastructure and leverage land value.

Reduce Costs

The private sector can also help reduce the cost of building infrastructure to free up government funding while helping reduce operating costs.

Unlock economic potential

Future tax revenue from new resources or property developments can be used to engage communities to invest in their economic future.


Unlocking Value in Infrastructure

Value can come from paying for new highway lanes through smart lanes that can favour transit and provide a faster option home for commuters. New windows and heating systems for schools can be paid for through energy savings.


Unlocking Value in Infrastructure

Across Canada billions of dollars have been committed to infrastructure projects by different levels of government. In addition to ambitious plans to build new transit lines, hospitals, and arenas, there is also a sizeable backlog of repairs and maintenance that needs to be addressed.