Transit Oriented Development

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Chair, Rowan Mills, Colliers Project Leaders

Transit Oriented Development has become a key part of the Government of Ontario’s transit and urban development strategy as it is also well-established around the world. This working group aims to help governments understand how to drive competitive tension to get fair value, help stakeholders design a better end-user experience, resolve issues around municipal development, and examine what financing packages look like for TOD.


Clarity of vision, timeline and value

Provide a clear sense of what the community and transit users value. An overall vision that aligns everyone’s interests and ensures the station area attracts people is key.

Alignment on, and reduction of risks

There must be alignment between different levels of government working together with the private sector to build a strong community.

Utilize site-specific approaches

With clearly defined values within each station location, it is easier for qualified developers to present strong proposals who can successfully deliver the proposed project.


Getting to Transit-Oriented Communities

The Urban Land Institute and the Future of Infrastructure Group worked together to organize workshops based on transit-oriented communities in Ontario and Quebec. This report provides a summary of the insights gathered.


Getting to Transit Oriented Communities

The benefits of transit-oriented communities are well defined. The challenge is to develop an environment where different levels of government, landowners, and developers can work together to deliver a community that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Transit Oriented Development in Calgary

Major municipalities across Canada have embraced public transit. The regional and national importance of public transit is a key contributor to building smarter cities.

Transit Oriented Development – Getting it Right in Ontario

Understand how Ontario can deliver true value for communities from transit-oriented development and encourage investment in quality assets from the private sector.